The Hávamál – The Words of Odin the High One – from the Elder Edda

odin (1)



Each man should be watchful and wary in speech,

and slow to put faith in a friend.

for the words which one to another speaks

he may win reward of ill.



At many a feast I was far too late,

and much too soon at some;

drunk was the ale or yet unserved:

never hits he the joint who is hated.



Here and there to a home I had haply been asked

had I needed no meat at my meals,

or were two hams left hanging in the house of that friend

where I had partaken of one.



Most dear is fire to the sons of men,

most sweet the sight of the sun;

good is health if one can but keep it,

and to live a life without shame.

(translated by Olive Bray)


My wife is a kristin.  I am not … anymore.

She worries a lot about my “salvation”.

I try to reassure her that I haven’t morphed into some monster all of a sudden.  I’m the same guy she married … every good thing she saw in me when we married is still there.

I’ll save that discussion for another time though.

I would like to talk about our dining experience at lunch today … for the kristins it is easter Sunday.  If you don’t know the story – on a Friday morning the Roman and Jewish authorities in Jerusalem conspired and nailed Jeshua to a cross.

The Jews didn’t want him around because he preached anti-temple things.

The Romans didn’t want him around because some Jews began calling him a king … to the Romans there was only one king named Caesar.

Death by crucifixion could come to the person in several days.  When the Romans nailed a person to a cross they wanted to keep them alive as long as they could.   Two men were crucified that morning along with Jeshua.

The Jews had a problem because they didn’t want people hanging on crosses during their sabbath (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday).  So they asked the Romans to use a neat trick that they sometimes employed.  Crucifixion produces a death by asphyxiation.  It makes it very difficult to breathe being suspended and having your arms out-stretched and affixed  to a beam.  Attaching the feet to the upright beam provided a way to raise the body up far enough to take a breath – pushing with the feet and pulling with the arms. Sometimes they just tied people to a cross.  They did that to the two guys crucified that morning.  They nailed Jeshua … nailed his wrists and placed a foot on each side of the upright beam and nailed them just below the ankles.

I will have to say that must have hurt like a bitch.  To continue breathing the condemned had to push his body upward with his feet while pulling with his arms.

I mentioned a little trick the Romans employed to hasten death … breaking the legs … with broken legs the person couldn’t push up anymore.  They went to the first and second guy’s and broke their legs.  When they came to Jeshua he was already dead.

At the end of the day Jeshua’s body was released to his friends for burial.  They prepared the body as best they could before the sabbath and put it in a tomb. On Sunday morning the body was gone.  Kristins claim he was resurrected, so it’s a big day for most of them.

I’ve read on my Facebook wall and have heard kristins talk about how terrible it is that people have to work on christmas and easter.

The United States is pretty much shut down at christmas.

The missus took me out to eat for lunch and the restaurant was teaming with people dressed in their easter sunday finest.  They must have just gotten out of church.  My wife asked our waitress if she was receiving extra pay today and of course the answer was “no”.   I asked her if she is a christin and yes she is.

I asked my wife if she felt bad for the waitress.  Mrs. H said yes she felt bad especially if  “Patty” had kids or a family.

I don’t know … maybe Patty wanted to work.  Perhaps she needed the money.  But I watched all the finely dressed people flooding the place.  How many were kristins? I don’t know, but I would venture a guess of 90% were kristin, and they wouldn’t want to work on that kristin holiday.

I’m bad … I wanted to argue religion a bit with my wife.  She told me not to ruin her holiday.

At the end of the meal I asked Mrs H how much I should leave as a tip for Patty.  She told me a figure that was higher than her normal tip to give.  I suggested we tip as much as we paid for the meal.

I hope next year the kristins will consider others on christmas and easter.