How Týr Lost His Hand

One day the gods decided to bind the great wolf Fenrir.  It was a game to test Fenrir’s strength.


No matter what they used to bind him he broke free of all constraints. Frustrated they asked the dwarves to craft a magik ribbon which was named Gleipnir.  Gleipnir looked like any other silken ribbon, but it was made of several wondrous things ….  the sound of a cat’s footfall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, bear’s sinews (meaning nerves, sensibility), fish’s breath and bird’s spittle. The ancient elders say the creation of Gleipnir is the reason those things don’t exist in Midgard any longer.

Anyway, Fenrir is a smart wolf and didn’t trust the gods. He agreed to be bound only if one of them put his hand in the wolf’s mouth.  Týr, known for his courage, agreed and placed his hand in Fenrir’s mouth while the other gods bound him. Fenrir tried desperately to break free but could not. He became enraged and bit Týr’s right hand off.


All the gods (but Týr) were happy Fenrir had been bound. The great wolf is still bound and will be until the last great battle when all will be destroyed … that battle is called Ragnarök.  When that day comes Fenrir will break free of the magik and devour Odin whole.


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