Morning Hailings


Hail Thor,

The Son of Odin and Frigg,

The Husband of Sif,

The God of Lightning and Thunder,

The God who gives mankind strength,

The Protector of his Brothers and Sisters living in Midgard.

The God who Hallows his people,

Hail to Thee Mighty Thor.

And also Hail to Týr, the namesake of this day,

The Son of Hymir and  Hroðr,

The God of Law and Justice,

The God of Wisdom and Courage and Strength,

Hail to Thee Mighty  Týr.

Hail the Holy Powers, the Æsir and Vanir,

Hail to the long line of Northern Ancestors,

Hail Brothers and Sisters of the Trú Folk, the sons and daughters of Odin!


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