Go As Your Fathers Go


Asked my father if I´d see
My kin gone on before me
He took me upon his knee
And pointed out across the sea

Asked my father if I´d sail
With sword in hand and a coat of mail
I’ve a blade for you, he said
It reaps the fields which feed our stead.

In death they go
On dragon ships row
Always they know
Always they know
Go as your fathers go

Asked my father how to be
As wise and brave and strong as he
Trú to the Gods and Goddesses both
With golden ring then make your oath

In death they go
On dragon ships row
Always they know
Always they know
Go as your fathers go

© Jonathan Cyr of Raven Kindred North

This appeared as a song on the album “Tru Spirit – Songs of our Heathen Ancestry”

Art by: Nicholas Roerich (1874–1947)

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Some people may not quite comprehend the way in which our gods help us. Let me be clear here, many people have many different opinions on how things work, but this is directly from the Eddas as well as from oral tradition passed down amongst families that remained true to the old gods in secret.

Odin, Thor, Frigga, Freyja, Tyr, Sif, Njord, whoever it is you pray to or beseech for help will not magically make things happen for you. They are not like the christian god who people believe will do things for you. For free. A good example is a frequent phrase I see amongst Christians, “I’m just going to sit in the back seat and let Jesus drive for me!” This is NOT how our gods work.

When you pray to them or ask for their assistance in a matter, they will instead give you the courage, or the strength, or present to you an opportunity that you must seize to better your situation.

That being said, in order for them to assist you at all, you must first impress them with your actions, how you carry yourself and present yourself to others. Make them offerings on the holidays, during blot, and during symbel.

That being said, we must all strive to be responsible modern heathens. We must all realize that when we wear the hammer, the valknut, or the irminsul in public, we are representing our gods, our ancestors, and our living heathen brothers and sisters. If you behave like a drunken, swaggering, axe-wielding ass, then people may perceive the entire faith based on your foolish actions.

“Havamal 12.-
Less good than they say for the sons of men
is the drinking oft of ale:
for the more they drink, the less can they think
and keep a watch o’er their wits.”

“Havamal 5.-
He hath need of his wits who wanders wide,
aught simple will serve at home;
but a gazing-stock is the fool who sits
mid the wise, and nothing knows.”

For better or worse, we are all members of society, no matter what country we live in. We are the soldiers, the police officers, the firemen, the EMTs, the teachers, the construction workers, the mechanics, the engineers of our generation. There are thousands of us, some who may not have yet heard the call of their ancestors. In order for us to be respected and to inspire others to hear the call in their blood, we must strive forth holding the Heathen Hammer High! Hail brothers and sisters!




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You can call it Fimbulvetr, Fimbulvinter or Fimbulwinter.  

This extreme blast of winter the USA is experiencing makes me think of those last three years before Ragnarök.

“63. “I have not heard before of Ragnarök,” said Gangler; “what hast thou to tell me about it?”

“There are many very notable circumstances concerning it,” replied Har, “which I can inform thee of. In the first place will come the winter, called Fimbulvetr, during which snow will fall from the four corners of the world; the frosts will be very severe, the wind piercing, the weather tempestuous, and the sun impart no gladness. Three such winters shall pass away without being tempered by a single summer. Three other similar winters follow, during which war and discord will spread over the whole globe. Brethren for the sake of mere gain shall kill each other, and no one shall spare either his parents or his children.” – Prose Edda, Gylfaginning

artwork – http://hq-oboi.ru/photo/surovaya_zima_derevya_1920x1080.jpg

The Viking witch’s magic wand: 9th century grave relic ‘was disabled by terrified villagers who feared its sorceress owner would rise from the dead’

A Viking metal rod which left experts baffled for more than a century has finally been identified as a ‘magic wand’ used by a witch to cast spells.


The staff, which was found in a ninth-century grave, is curved at the end – causing it to be misidentified as a fishing hook or a spit for roasting food.

However, archaeologists have now concluded that it was in fact a magical item belonging to a sorceress who was ‘on the margins of society’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2531575/The-Viking-witchs-magic-wand-Relic-ninth-century-grave-disabled-terrified-villagers-feared-sorceress-owner-rise-dead.html#ixzz2pFrXFkxx
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