Daily Hávamál from Huginn’s Heathen Hof – Stanza 14



I got drunk,Far too drunk,
when feasting with wise Fjalar.
The best kind of feast is the one
that you can still remember the next morning.
-Hávamál: Stanza 14

Yesterday we saw a glimpse of a greater narrative from Lore outside the Hávamál itself. Today’s stanza is essentially expounding upon that experience. “Fjalar the Wise” is thought to be an alternate name for Suttungr (the giant from whom Odin stole the Mead of Poetry). This stanza is explaining that the three days Odin spent with Gunnlöð were lost in a drunken haze.
No matter how much fun you might have had, it doesn’t matter much if you can’t remember what happened the next morning!


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