A Day of Remembrance for Guthroth

9 May has been observed as a day of remembrance for our Heathen Martyr Guthroth.  Guthroth was a lesser ruler/king on Norway while Olaf Tryggvason (St Olaf) was the most powerful.  Olaf was committed to uniting the tribes in Norway under the banner of Christendom (he had rejected the Gods of his ancestors in favor of the new god Jesus). 

Olaf’s method of converting his countrymen was either get baptized or die. Guthroth spoke out against the “Olaf Method of Kristjan Conversion” and urged others to resist. When “Saint” Olaf heard about Guthroth’s complaints he had Guthroth’s tongue cut out.

So this day, as we remember the courageous Guthroth, let us use our tongues to speak out against evil deeds done in the name of religion, to sing the praises of the Old Gods and drink a horn of mead in honor of Guthroth.

And may Olaf forever be cursed … may he forever suffer in Niflheim where Nighogg gnaws on him for eternity.

Please read …The Ballad of “Saint” Olaf by Steve Wilson


One thought on “A Day of Remembrance for Guthroth

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