The ravens fly above my head
and I know that You are there
I can feel it in my chest
The strength that’s like a bear
I remember how you hung like that
Upon that immense tree
Suffering for nine whole days;
Wisdom is never free.
And like you, I bear a sacrifice
and it helps and strengthens me.
Going through each day; a test,
to see if I’m still free.
And each day I’m stronger still,
each day a freer soul.
Jumping bravely into abyss
with naught anything to hold.
Help me help myself some more
on towards the final days
when Heimdall blares the final call
And we’ll all march into our graves.

Written by:© Justin L. O’Brien
(~irishrng on DeviantArt)

Art by: Puimun on DeviantArt

Thanks to Phoenix @ Facebook/The Æsir


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