Rite of Night

Gods of Asgard! I call to you at this day’s end! Custodians of the ancient mysteries! Mighty in your dwelling! Guardians of Midgard! Hail to thee whose beneficial spirits instruct and direct our folk!

Consecrated from the higher realms, many are your manifestations! Divine in your essence! Grant me now the power of your presence! Bestow upon me dreams of meaning and the memory to recall them!

Release me of all malice and ill intent! Strike down all evil thought that would work its powers against me! Grant me strength and endurance to do thy work and that work which is for the better good of our folk and Nature! Safeguard my home and family until daylight’s rebirth!

May tomorrow, by your grace, find me wiser and my joy in the universe still greater! Wipe free my brow of all worry and discontent! Circle your deep powers to protect me! By these words I pledge myself unto your divine trust and to no other gods!

(from the book “Temple of Wotan”, written by Ron McVan )


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