The Surprisingly Sufficient Viking Diet


Today, the Vikings are celebrated as a proud, warlike folk, well known for their mythology and elaborate funerals. The Viking diet, however, is a mystery to most people. What did these warriors eat to survive in such a forbidding landscape? As it turns out, their food was healthy, fresh, and even a poor Viking ate much better than an English peasant during the Middle Ages. That’s not to say that the Viking diet didn’t have inadequacies, but on the whole, the Viking diet was a model of efficiency and innovation in a time when cooks had to make the most out of some very limited ingredients.

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Feast of Ullr

Tomorrow is a minor holy day of feasting in honor of Ullr, God of the Bow.

He is also known as God of Snow, God of Skiing, God of the Hunt.


Meat is the most important part of this feast. On November 23 ask Him to help you gain personal luck needed for success.

Hail Ullr!

Hail the Holy Powers!

Hail the Ancestors!

Hail the Folk!

Hail the AFA!

Happy Veterans Day and have a Blessed Feast of the Einherjar

Today, November 11, is a minor Heathen holy day called The Feast of the Einherjar. In the United States it coincides with Veterans Day. In the Commonwealth of Nations this day is known as Remembrance Day.

The Einherjar are warriors who are slain in battle, who also have been chosen by Odin to live and train in Valhalla for the events of Ragnarök. 


(Walhall by Emil Doepler)

Honor, Courage, and a deep love for their folk carried the Einherjar through many battles. They had no fear, no thought of turning back, no thought of giving up. Remember the Nine Noble Virtues we culled from the ancient texts, among them are Honor, Courage, Perseverance, Loyalty, and Self Discipline.  These virtues were instilled in the Einherjar – they are instilled in every soldier.

Raise a horn to the fallen and remember we are here because of their sacrifice.

Hail the Einherjar!

Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrith of Sweden

This day we stop to remember Queen Sigrith of Sweden.

Olaf Tryggvason (better known as Olaf the Lawbreaker/Oathbreaker or Saint Olaf to Roman Christians) found he could gain more territory in Norway if he converted to the new religion of the God from the desert.

He wanted to rule Sweden also and sought the hand of Queen Reina Sigrith of Sweden in marriage.  She agreed until he insisted that she submit to Christian “baptism”.  He didn’t want to give up the power the Roman church had just three years before given him.

She, however, would not break her oath to the more ancient Gods of her ancestors. Said she, “I do not mean to abandon the faith I have led, and my kinsmen before me. Nor shall I object to your belief in the god you prefer.”

The marriage was called off and through Olaf’s intolerance it would take three-hundred more years for Christianity to establish itself in the Northlands.

Pour out a libation to Queen Sigrith as you remember her struggle to remain true to the  Æsir and Vanir.

Hail to Queen Sigrith, defender of the Ancient Northern Path.


(meme by Jason Erich Luhavalja)


With the help of the ancient Holy Powers of our people, we will continue and grow until Ragnarök (Fate of the Gods).

Hail the Æsir and Vanir!

Hail those of our Folk who have passed on before us!

Hail our living Folk, who are witnessing this Great Awakening and returning to the Ancient Faith of Northern Europe!

Hail those of our Folk who are yet unborn!