Happy Sigrblót!

Tomorrow the Folk celebrate Sigrblót or Sumarsdag. The prechristian Icelanders considered tomorrow as the first day of Summer.

So celebrate Sumarsdag with joy, but also make sacrifice to Sigföðr … a name of Odin recalling His role as the Father of Victory or the War Father.

You Might Have Heard … Viking Chief Buried in His Boat Found in Scotland


Reconstruction of what the burial site unearthed at Ardnamurchan might have looked like. (Credit: Geoff Robinson)

The first intact Viking boat burial site to be found on the British mainland was discovered recently in Scotland, archaeologists announced. The grave contains the body of a Norse warrior thought to have been a chieftain or other high-ranking figure, lying with his weapons by his side in the remains of a rotted ship. He was likely interred during a ritualized pagan ceremony roughly 1,000 years ago, according to the researchers.

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OCTOBER 19, 2011