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I am a 55 year old recently retired chef.  a couple of years ago I returned to the ancestral religion of my Nordic family.

I was raised kristin (Presbyterian).  My Mother was very “churchy” … there was always this meeting or that meeting … elder, deacon, Sunday school teacher, choir practice every Wednesday night.

My Dad is very gregarious but not “churchy” … Sunday morning service is good enough for him.

Before they were married Mom’s minister told her that he didn’t think Dad was well suited for her just for this reason.

They married anyway.

For the first couple years she had a hard time getting Dad to Sunday morning services.

He finally got into the routine and became popular among the church members.  He was elected a deacon and an elder.

But he never became a Bible-reading or any kind of praying man.

Mom did pay a price for being so “churchy” though … I guess the whole family paid a price too.

Mom was gone a lot of evenings and wasn’t home to protect my sister and I from Dad.  Many bad things happened when she was gone.  Yes, she saw signs but either ignored them or maybe she thought she’d deal with them after her next meeting.

Anyway after my sister and I got married and moved away Dad had finally had enough and he left her.  He began living with a crude, loud-mouth woman … very unlike Mom … very”unchurchy”.  He is happy now.

Mom developed colon cancer that finally metastasized in her liver.  She passed over on my birthday in 2004.

At her viewing many of her “churchy”  friends came up and talked about what a good woman she was and how she would be missed in the church.

I wanted to tell them that, thanks to them, she was missed at home years before she died.

But it wasn’t their fault that she was so “churchy” … it wasn’t her fault either.  No one is perfect … maybe she thought our spiritual health was more important than our physical or psychological health.

Since her death a few other catastrophic events have happened in my life.  I needed a Yahweh … you know … the “I’m the Great and Powerful Oz” type  and all I got was a guy passing around fishes and loaves of bread.

Ásatrú has shown me a better and healthier way to view the Holy Powers.  We aren’t servants of our Gods and Goddesses … they are big enough to take care of themselves. We understand that no one is perfect, not even the Holy Powers.   If something bad happens to me I shrug it off and say “Well, it looks like Someone dropped the ball in Asgard.”  We are truly brothers and sisters of our Gods and Goddesses not slaves or servants.  The same Nordic blood flows through my veins as flows through Odin’s or Frigg’s.

Go with Odin’s wisdom, Freyja’s love, and Thor’s protection !

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I, too, have Nordic origins, so will be following your blog with interest. I am also very new to WordPress, having just set up my account today and with nothing written so far.

    • I’m glad you shared your story. It’s too bad that it takes a tragedy to find where we really belong. I’ve never been happier with my “faith” than I am now. May Odin give you his wisdom, Frigg her love and Thor his blessing and protection.

  2. Excellent About post, I’m really looking forward to reading more from you! I particularly enjoyed the “Someone dropped the ball in Asgard” hahaha I’ve only discovered your blog this afternoon, but I eagerly await where you head next.

  3. I just discovered your blog and I will be following. I too follow the ways of my ancestors and their wisdom and have been for 6 years. I am only 27 but I have never felt more happier and at home then I am with Asatru. I listen to folk songs about the times past, made by a modern Scandanavian band, and I can feel my blood, my soul, the deepest parts of my inner being, I can feel it long to go home and to a time long gone. That feeling is how I know this is where I should be, heathen strong and proud. I look forward to reading more of your knowledge of the old Gods.

  4. Thank you for your work on this site. It is a faith that is difficult for many kin to accept. My friends try to explain my belief as, “He believes in Norse myth.” I also have to suffer through the critiques: “But you have brown eyes,” and “I thought your family came to America from England though?” If any of you out there are having trouble dealing with this adversity (after all, I feel that my friends and family believe I have a screw loose,) just know that if you walk the path with conviction and make honorable decisions in your life, the criticism will fade. My fiance asked me, “Is this what you will teach our children someday? It’s strange. Give me one good reason why I should be accepting of this faith.” I told her that the first ‘sin’ mentioned the Edda was Oath Breaking. Thor seldom sits when such he hears that sworn oaths were broken. [Voluspa, Para. 26] I told her that oath breaking is an affront to the Gods. When we marry I will make a sworn oath. My honor and respect for my ancestors and my descendants will bind me to that oath, and so I will be bound as the most faithful husband I can be. She was pleased with my reasoning, and so I will continue the good fight to bring light to our dimmed heritage.

  5. Thank you for this blessing which I take into my heart. May the Norse gods and goddesses of my ancestors protect you and those you love. I found you in a random search for runes. My friend would like me to illustrate the character ‘wyn’ means to win for his poetry book. Also the character for ‘wunjo’. Any help is much appreciated! I love this site and I am excited about learning more of my Norse heritage by finding you.

  6. As a 52 year old former cop who loves cooking, truth, (precious little of this is found in law) and courage to do what is right for the right reason, I am extremely happy to have found your site. Courage to tell your story is more difficult than kicking in doors, thank you for speaking it. As for the 9 Asatru, virtues, this is far more compelling than the church alternatives that I was subjected to, but never believed. I look forward to reading more.

  7. Thank you for sharing the story of your journey. I too have walked a similar path. I am 40 and have made a decision over the past few years to return to the beliefs of my Viking ancestors, though in my heart, I’ve always been there… I am now officially embracing Asatru and have never felt more alive and at peace. Not just for myself, but for my Wife and children as well. Faith, Folk, and Family. Blessings of the Gods unto you….. ~ Trey

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