The industrialized West today is a rotten, decadent structure. Our people dance to the tune played by the media and by a political elite that – regardless of party or ideological label – merely reigns over our decline. Our “celebrities” are jaded, negative images of normality. We are isolated from each other, from our history as a Folk, from our ancestors, and from nature.

Oswald Spengler, who penned the monumental Decline of the West, is proven right…if somewhat optimistic.

All that is the bad news. The good news is that now we can build a new culture. Indeed, we have already begun! This new culture will teach us strength, honor, and the inestimable value of blood ties. We will know joy, and the value of hard work, and the satisfaction of great deeds. We will laugh in the sun and make things of beauty. We will be sophisticated, yet simple; educated but not corrupted. We will walk through the ruins of a once-great civilization, scavanging the best and rejecting the corrupt, unafraid.


Hail the Gods!
Hail the Folk!

Stephen A. McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly



a book of trothOriginally written in 1988 as the foundational document for the Ring of Troth (now known simply as The Troth), A Book of Troth is Edred Thorsson’s vision of how Germanic paganism, or Ásatrú, can be practiced in the modern world. A Book of Troth contains a complete liturgy of rituals for celebrating both personal turning points in the life of the individual and the Great Blessings of the Year. It provides the philosophical and historical background necessary for understanding the true significance of the Germanic Revival that is taking place today. And it outlines the rigorous academic and spiritual standards necessary to establish a permanent body of Elders who can carry Ásatrú forward into the new millennium.

This wholly revised third edition includes a new introduction by Ásatrú Folk Assembly founder Stephen A. McNallen, and also includes Edred’s seminal essay The Idea of Integral Culture: A Model for a Revolt Against the Modern World.

After years of waiting, this classic of modern Germanic religion is now available from Amazon. You can order immediately on the “2 new from…” link; we shipped books to Amazon today and they will be in stock via the Amazon web site imminently. It will also be available from the Asatru Folk Assembly web site store.


Hail the Gods!
Hail the Folk!

Stephen McNallen



Quite a picture, isn’t it? A row of white people, kneeling, chains on their hands, heads bowed, “So sorry” printed on their shirts…

It makes me want to puke.

Portland Community College is holding a “Whiteness History Month” – an obvious parody of serious black, Native American, Asian, and whatever else months. This is more than just a cheap shot at white people, it is insulting, venomous, hateful…and, I might add, racist.

What you see in this picture is the antithesis of Asatru, and especially Asatru as we practice it in the Asatru Folk Assembly. Asatru is a native European religion, comparable to Native American and native African beliefs. It is innately tied to the peoples of Europe. We are proud of our ancestors; the pathetic wretches pictured above are ashamed of theirs. We hold our heads high, they stare at the ground like the whipped dogs they are. Their hands are chained together in a pose of supplication, or what is much the same, Christian prayer. They are beaten…and we are rising, moving forward to victorious affirmation of our identity as men and women of European descent. They hate their whiteness – we wear ours in pride.

I believe that every person on Earth should be proud of his or her race. I applaud that! But don’t tell me that I should be ashamed of mine.

If you want to be like those sheep bound for the slaughter, please DON’T put in an application for the Asatru Folk Assembly. If, on the other hand, they revulse you as much as they do me, you might consider banding together with us, and stand with the brave and free.

Feel free to share this if you wish.


Hail the Gods!
Hail the Asatru Folk Assembly!

Stephen A. McNallen