Why (did) the Vikings call Jesus, the White Christ?

The term for “White Christ” (White Christ) or  Hvítakristr  . entered into currency among the heathen pagan Icelanders in time and Christian religions were in conflict with each other  a direct reference is made ​​to this in  Flateyjarbók  : ”  without your Thann Sid hafa, taka nafn af Theim Gudi, er their will Trua, er heitr Hvítakristr.  “
That the Christian God was called  Hvítakristr  it was originally probably due to the fact that the newly baptized converts were required to wear white clothes (  i hvítaváðum  ) during the first week after baptism.
The adjective  hvítr  when applied to Christ was not to describe their physical appearance. At a time in the development of Old Norse, the term was used of both sexes to designate someone who was blond and / or pale-complected.
However, the Viking Age, the term  hvítr  had acquired a pejorative connotation. To call a man  hvítr  was say he was cowardly, effeminate, and guilty of  ArgR  . (See article on homosexuality among the Vikings for more information on the term  ArgR  and how it was related to the concept of cowardice by the Vikings). A related phrase was saying, “Your liver is white,” meaning once again, a coward … that is almost identical to modern English usage, “coward” with the same meaning. (Modern usage also uses “yellow” in this sense.)
In contrast to the peace-loving  Hvítakristr  , which was considered by a pagan warrior culture to be effeminate or cowardly, the Vikings revered his manly, virile god Red Thórr, red not only for its red beard and flashing red eyes, but also for blood pouring a warrior.

The conflict between pagan and Christian views crystallized around the dichotomy  Hvítakristr  and Red Thórr, becoming a recurring theme in events saga near the time of conversion, as in this poem

contempt for Steinunnn, mother Chorus Gestasson, describing how Thórr sank the ship from a Christian priest, Thangbrand, showing Steinunn Christ thus was the weakest God:

Þórr Bra Þvinnils dýri
Þangbrands or Stad Longu,
hristi Bord beysti ok
ok bards Laust við Jordu;
munat skid hum SAE Sidan
sundfært Atals grundar,
hregg því in hart Tok leggja,
hanum kennt, í Spânu.
[Thórr altered the course of Thangbrand
horse long Thvinnil   1  ,
he threw and hit
the board bow   2  and broke
it to solid ground;
the Atall bedding ski   3
shall not be later floating in the sea
as the gale disastrous caused by it all chipped in kindling.
Braut fyrir bjollu gæti
(bond Raku val strandar)
mogfellandi mellu
móstalls vísund allan;
hlífðit Kristr, Tha er kneyfði
knorr, málfeta varrar;
Litt hygg ek in Gud Gaetti
hreins Gylfa in einu.
The killer’s relatives’ ogresses   4
sprayed completely bison mew perch-   5
bell Guardian   6
(the gods chased the stallion chain   7  )
Christ did not take care of step sea tile   8
when the cargo-boat disintegrated;
I think God -kept
reindeer Gylfi   9  at all.
  1. long horse Thvinnil  = ship Thangbrand
  2. Plank bow  of the ship =
  3. floor Atall  = sea,  sea ski  = ship
  4. kin ‘ogresses  = giant,  giant-killer  = Thórr
  5. mew-perch  = sea,  bison March  = ship
  6. guardian bell  = the priest, ie Thangbrandr
  7. steed shed  ship =
  8. tile step-sea  ship =
  9. Reindeer Gylfi  = ship

It was during this period of conflict between religions that Thórr hammer amulets, Mjollnir, the increase in popularity as ornaments, perhaps in response to Christians weraing the symbol of the cross. Jewellers were still hedging their bets by making foundry molds crosses and Thórr hammer simultaneously, as shown by this mold soapstone tenth century, found in Trendgården, Jutland, Denmark.

Other amulets were hybrids representing the cross and the hammer simultaneously as the silver pendant, found near Fossi Iceland, shown below.
The pejorative sense that was connected to  hvitr  was not associated with other words meaning white, including  bjartr , “brilliant”,  bleikr,  “wan, pale” or  ljóss  , “light”.
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WWJD – Dump “Illegitimate” Children’s Bodies Into Septic Tank? Hmmmmmm?

Anybody who follows a fucking religion where a person could construe from church doctrine that there is something “sinful” about being born without the benefit of a father … that person has no brains to think with!

I pray the goddamned Roman Catholic nuns who did this will burn forever in the hell they created.  If not there then I pray they are sent to Náströnd, in Hél, to be chewed on forever by Nidhogg.

Probe into mother and baby homes

“The Irish government has acknowledged mounting calls to investigate a mass grave where almost 800 “illegitimate” babies and children are believed to have been buried.

The remains are near the site of a former home for unmarried mothers and their children in Tuam, County Galway.

The children were buried together, without a coffin or gravestone, and dumped in a former concrete septic tank.

…The St Mary’s home in Tuam was run by Catholic nuns and housed women dealing with the “shame” of having a baby out of wedlock.”

Read the rest of the shocking story here.


Man Crushed to Death by Giant Crucifix Dedicated to Pope


The man, named as Marco Gusmini, was posing for a photograph with a group of friends in front of the 100ft-high cross when it suddenly collapsed Photo: NEWSFOTO

An Italian man was crushed to death on Thursday by a giant crucifix dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II, just days before the Polish pontiff will be made a saint in a ceremony at the Vatican.

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(I find this amusing really)

Ēostre versus Easter

Ēostre is a celebration of the spring equinox.  It was celebrated millennium before Christianity.  Ēostre is pronounced “East – rah“.  Rabbits and eggs were considered sacred at this time of year as symbols of fertility. 

Ēostre is still celebrated … in fact … Heathens and Pagans celebrated Ēostre or Ostara last month on the 20th.

For 20 years I was a member of an independent Christian church. To avoid confusion between a Heathen Holy Day and Christian Holy Day some of their scholars began calling Easter by the phrase “Resurrection Sunday”.

I think every Christian would take that advice and maybe forget about the bunnies and eggs too.


Why is it that most kristins don’t want Heathens and/or Pagans “praying” for them?

I have a kristin friend who was having an operation … nothing really serious but this friend was nervous.  I told him I would ask Frigg to hold him in her love and Odin and Thor to give him strength.

He said “Thanks, but I have more than enough prayers going up for me. I don’t want God to think I’m a pest!”

With an attitude like that he needs more than a few prayers said on his behalf.  He needs a good old fashioned attitude adjustment right on his chin!



I used to be very active in church … deacon, elder, preacher, adult Sunday school teacher, VBS teacher, helped to maintain the building.  I have tons of bible study books, church history books, bible commentaries, at least 10 different versions of the bible!
I was very much like my Mother devoting a lot of time to “churchy” things but neglecting my family.  If I wasn’t doing churchy things I was studying churchy things.  Many of the church members didn’t want to do anything but attend Sunday morning services.   The operative word there is attend, because they came as spectators watching a sporting event … or as if they were watching a movie.  They came to feel warm, fuzzy and churchy … that had done their part in church life by watching a show that they had seen thousands of times before.  They knew how the movie ends but they attended anyway.
By all the Gods in Asgard though, if I wanted to change the format of the show in anyway I would hear about it all week!!! Lol
In this town of 5,000 we have 18 different churches … 3 different flavors of Methodists, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, 3 different flavors of Baptists, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Assembly of God, 2 Campbellite churches (Church of Christ and an independent Christian Church), Church of God, Church of the Nazarene, Roman Catholic and 2 community churches.  They all claim to use the same holy book and that book teaches that the church is the body of Christ.
How many bodies does Christ have?  How can they all teach different things?
My thought on this is the bible was “put together” by a Heathen, who on his deathbed, became a Christian.


Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus, or more commonly known as Constantine the Great.  He began his reign in 305, became a Christian and died in 337. In 325 he called the Council of Nicea to settle some religious issues and develop the New Testament canon.
In my opinion, I think there are far too many pages in the bible.  “Treat others as you yourself want to be treated” sums everything up.  It holds great authority because Jesus said it.  It is simple and very easy to understand, every Christian could memorize the doctrine.  9 simple words and how much nicer the world would be if everyone lived by those words.  No need for a 1000+ pages, just 9 words.



I am a 55 year old recently retired chef who returned to the ancestral religion of my Nordic family.
I was raised kristin (Presbyterian).  My Mother was very “churchy” … there was always this meeting or that meeting … elder, deacon, Sunday school teacher, choir practice every Wednesday night.
My Dad is very gregarious but not “churchy” … Sunday morning service is good enough for him.
Before they were married Mom’s minister told her that he didn’t think Dad was well suited for her just for this reason.
They married anyway.
For the first couple years she had a hard time getting Dad to Sunday morning services.
He finally got into the routine and became popular among the church members.  He was elected a deacon and an elder.
But he never became a Bible-reading or any kind of praying man.
Mom did pay a price for being so “churchy” though … I guess the whole family paid a price too.
Mom was gone a lot of evenings and wasn’t home to protect my sister and I from Dad.  Many bad things happened when she was gone.  Yes, she saw signs but either ignored them or maybe she thought she’d deal with them after her next meeting.
Anyway after my sister and I married our spouses and moved away Dad had finally had enough and he left her.  He began living with a crude, loud-mouth woman … very unlike Mom … very“unchurchy”.  He is happy now.
Mom developed colon cancer that finally metastasized in her liver.  She passed over on my birthday in 2004.
At her viewing many of her “churchy”  friends came up and talked about what a good woman she was and how she would be missed in the church.
I wanted to tell them that, thanks to them, she was missed at home years before she died.
But it wasn’t their fault that she was so “churchy” … it wasn’t her fault either.  No one is perfect … maybe she thought our spiritual health was more important than our physical or psychological health.
Since her death a few other catastrophic events have happened in my life.  I needed a Yahweh … you know … the “I’m the Great and Powerful Oz” type  and all I got was a guy passing around fishes and loaves of bread.
Ásatrú has shown me a better and healthier way to view the Holy Powers.  We aren’t servants of our Gods and Goddesses … they are big enough to take care of themselves. We understand that no one is perfect, not even the Holy Powers.   If something bad happens to me I shrug it off and say
“Well, it looks like Someone dropped the ball in Asgard.”  
We are truly brothers and sisters of our Gods and Goddesses not slaves or servants.  The same Nordic blood flows through my veins as flows through Odin’s or Frigg’s.
Go with Odin’s wisdom, Freyja’s love, and Thor’s protection !