Ēostre versus Easter

Ēostre is a celebration of the spring equinox.  It was celebrated millennium before Christianity.  Ēostre is pronounced “East – rah“.  Rabbits and eggs were considered sacred at this time of year as symbols of fertility. 

Ēostre is still celebrated … in fact … Heathens and Pagans celebrated Ēostre or Ostara last month on the 20th.

For 20 years I was a member of an independent Christian church. To avoid confusion between a Heathen Holy Day and Christian Holy Day some of their scholars began calling Easter by the phrase “Resurrection Sunday”.

I think every Christian would take that advice and maybe forget about the bunnies and eggs too.




Freyja, grant life to the frost-covered land,

once more in the air, the bleating of lamb,

weigh heavy the branches dripping with buds

and the warmth of the Spring sings in our blood…



Bright is the grass, vibrant and new

alive and bedecked in the life-giving dew,

quickened, the song of the lark and the wren

and Winter slinks off from the realm of all men…



Blossom the fruit tree, warm the cold stream,

awaken cold world from this long frozen dream,

Ostara, she stretches, smiles and yawns

and small rabbits run in the rosy red dawn..



Gone now the dark nights, the fire banked high,

gone now all frost giants and tear-frozen eye,

Skadhi and Ullr, both put up their skis

and life comes to us on the warm spring-time breeze…


Hail the guardians of Midgard and men,

Hail the coming of Spring yet again,

Hail to Sol, as we raise the horn

and toast the new season once more reborn…!
(© Johnny Whitebread )

Feast of Ēostre



Tomorrow morning(20/3/13)  at 7:02 EDT is the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.

Which means it’s also the Feast of Ēostre for those of us who are Ásatrúar or Odinists.

The sun is reclaiming the darkness of winter … there will almost be equal amounts of daylight and the dark of night.

Even now, as I write this, the Earth is coming back from the dead coldness of Yule ( Jól).

We honor Ēostre,

or Frigg,

or Freya,

or Nerthus.

Maybe all four goddesses … why not?

We honor them with blót and feast.

Pour a libation of mead onto the Earth; celebrate the rebirth of nature, Ásatrú, and the new hopes of our Trú Folk.