Feast of Ullr

Tomorrow is a minor holy day of feasting in honor of Ullr, God of the Bow.

He is also known as God of Snow, God of Skiing, God of the Hunt.


Meat is the most important part of this feast. On November 23 ask Him to help you gain personal luck needed for success.

Hail Ullr!

Hail the Holy Powers!

Hail the Ancestors!

Hail the Folk!

Hail the AFA!

Happy Veterans Day and have a Blessed Feast of the Einherjar

Today, November 11, is a minor Heathen holy day called The Feast of the Einherjar. In the United States it coincides with Veterans Day. In the Commonwealth of Nations this day is known as Remembrance Day.

The Einherjar are warriors who are slain in battle, who also have been chosen by Odin to live and train in Valhalla for the events of Ragnarök. 


(Walhall by Emil Doepler)

Honor, Courage, and a deep love for their folk carried the Einherjar through many battles. They had no fear, no thought of turning back, no thought of giving up. Remember the Nine Noble Virtues we culled from the ancient texts, among them are Honor, Courage, Perseverance, Loyalty, and Self Discipline.  These virtues were instilled in the Einherjar – they are instilled in every soldier.

Raise a horn to the fallen and remember we are here because of their sacrifice.

Hail the Einherjar!

Vetrablót – A Night for the Females

Since I’m a “lone practitioner” I will hold Vetrablót or Winternights tomorrow night – during the October 2015 New Moon.

Vetrablót is a time to remember these female Powers of Nordic people; the Dísir, the Valkyries, the three Norns and Freyja. Also included are the mothers in one’s line of ancestors … all the mothers in your bloodline who have brought you to this very moment.

As the nights become longer and the air colder the thin membrane that separates this world from the next grows even more thin.  I believe the Holy Powers can always hear us when we honor and call on them. I’m not so sure if the ancestors are always able to hear or respond to us.  I believe that during this time they can hear us honoring their deeds. I also believe that if we become very still, we can hear their voices in the moonless night air.

Are you ready for Haustblót?

Haustblót is the second harvest festival of the year where the emphasis is on rebirth.  Think keeping seeds from this harvest to plant in the spring.

I observe Haustblót on September 23rd, the autumnal equinox.

The days and nights are now of equal length, but day will soon give way to night and darkness. Sunna‘s (she pulls the sun through the sky) time is over and now it’s time for her brother Mani (he pulls the moon after her).

My Nordic ancestors celebrated Haustblót and they also observed the autumnal equinox as Winter Finding – the beginning of winter!

Freyfaxi – August 20th – Celebrate The First Harvest

Freyfaxi, or Hlæfmæsse, or Lammas  no matter what it’s called it’s a celebration of the blessings of a fruitful harvest.  In ancient times people depended on a good harvest from their fields, from their livestock and in having MANY healthy children.

So they celebrated and thanked Freyr – the God with the Ever-Erect Penis.




This is a day of celebration without a fixed date but always within August.  I will be celebrating on the 10th during the full moon.


Happy Midsummer Eve to all. Enjoy your partying tonight and then get serious tomorrow.

I like how Diana L. Paxson explains this most Holy time of the year in her book Essential Ásatrú (pg 113)

June 21, or summer solstice – Midsummer. Celebration in honor of summer’s growth, taking advantage of the opportunity to party outdoors all night with lots of food and drink. A time to honor Sunna or Baldr.