Historically, Christianity has gotten all the credit for the defense of Europe against Islamic invasions. Fair enough; Christian warriors fought the decisive battles against Islam on European soil that saved the West – notably Tours in 732 CE and Vienna in 1683 CE. Followers of Germanic religion might have made a bigger contribution, but we had been driven to the fringe of Europe long before Muslim armies arrived on our doorstep.

However, men sworn to Asatru were fighting Muslims in the Middle East at an early date. These were members of the Varangian Guard, the elite troop in service to the Byzantine emperor. A treaty between the Norse Rus and the Byzantines was sealed in 911 CE, regulating the military service of Scandinavians in the Empire. At this early date, many or most of these men would have been Asatru.

The most famous Varangian was Harald Hardrada of Norway. Harald himself was at least nominally Christian, but many of the men who fought alongside him would not have been. Under Harald, these warriors stormed through the Middle East. In one campaign they reportedly seized eighty Muslim strongholds and attacked Jerusalem itself. On another occasion they fought to win Sicily back from Muslim control.

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They are as bad as Kristins used to be!

And I still don’t trust Kristins!


I still maintain that if your god can’t take care of himself, and do his OWN killing of infidels …

then you have a weak ass god!

And if you have a religion that relies on torture/or threats of torture to convert people …

then you have a weak ass god not worth considering!