You Might Have Heard … Viking Chief Buried in His Boat Found in Scotland


Reconstruction of what the burial site unearthed at Ardnamurchan might have looked like. (Credit: Geoff Robinson)

The first intact Viking boat burial site to be found on the British mainland was discovered recently in Scotland, archaeologists announced. The grave contains the body of a Norse warrior thought to have been a chieftain or other high-ranking figure, lying with his weapons by his side in the remains of a rotted ship. He was likely interred during a ritualized pagan ceremony roughly 1,000 years ago, according to the researchers.

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OCTOBER 19, 2011


At the request of the United States Department of Defense, the members of the Open Halls Project Working Group

open halls project serving military heathens

have written a Heathen Resource Guide for Chaplains. As part of The Norse Mythology Blog‘s continuing series on Heathens in the Military, this article includes background on the important event and provides the full text of the document, which has now been accepted by the Department of Defense.

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The Aurora Borealis … Disappearing?

Last chance to see the Northern Lights before they dim for a decade


Gazing up at the northern lights often appears on travelers’ bucket lists, but after next year, they’re going to be much more difficult to see.

No, the aurora borealis isn’t disappearing, but it is expected to appear less frequently over the next decade.

The northern lights take place on an 11-year solar cycle.

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Virtual Reality Theme Park Brings Norse Legends to Life

theme park

Norse Theme Parks is blending traditional attractions with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences at its new Copenhagen park.

Theme parks around the world are beginning to incorporate virtual reality into their attractions, in addition to using it to design rides. There’s a VR theme park being built in China. And now a startup is building a Norse mythology virtual and augmented reality theme park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

According to Peter Franklin Wurtz, co-founder of startup Norse Theme Parks, The Legendary World of Norse Mythology: Yggdrasil will blend traditional rides and attractions with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences when it opens in 2019.

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Scientists Find Evidence of Prehistoric Massacre in Europe



Photo released Monday Aug. 17, 2015 by researcher Christian Meyer shows the fractured skull of an about eight-years-old child with a digital mark to show the size. (Christian Meyer via AP)


BERLIN — Scientists say they have found rare evidence of a prehistoric massacre in Europe after discovering a 7,000-year-old mass grave with skeletal remains from some of the continent’s first farmers bearing terrible wounds.

Archaeologists who painstakingly examined the bones of some 26 men, women and children buried in the Stone Age grave site at Schoeneck-Kilianstaedten, near Frankfurt, say they found blunt force marks to the head, arrow wounds and deliberate efforts to smash at least half of the victims’ shins — either to stop them from running away or as a grim message to survivors.

“It was either torture or mutilation. We can’t say for sure whether the victims were still alive,” said Christian Meyer, one of the authors of the study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Meyer said the findings from Schoeneck-Kilianstaedten bolster theories put forward after the earlier discovery of two other grave sites in Germany and Austria. At all three sites, the victims and the perpetrators appeared to have been from the Linearbandkeramik — or LBK — culture, a farming people who arrived in central Europe about 5,500 B.C. Their name derives from the German phrase for “linear band ceramics,” a reference to the style of their pottery.

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A Good Thing Coming From Climate Change


Melting Glaciers Reveal Stone Age Artifacts

Stone age artifacts including weapons, shoes, walking sticks and mittens — abandoned in the mountains of Norway many thousands of years ago — are being revealed as mountain glaciers melt and retreat, researchers say.

When those artifacts were lost or dropped around 7,000 years in the past, the region was experiencing a warmer climate, and now global warming is revealing objects of daily life as glaciers and ice fields in Southern Norway have begun melting again, they say.

In the past two decades scientists “have witnessed artifacts turning up in summer from increasingly deeper layers of the glaciers,” says archaeologist Lars Pilø, who has spend many years among the glaciers and ice doing field work to discover artifacts belonging to our ancestors.

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WWJD – Dump “Illegitimate” Children’s Bodies Into Septic Tank? Hmmmmmm?

Anybody who follows a fucking religion where a person could construe from church doctrine that there is something “sinful” about being born without the benefit of a father … that person has no brains to think with!

I pray the goddamned Roman Catholic nuns who did this will burn forever in the hell they created.  If not there then I pray they are sent to Náströnd, in Hél, to be chewed on forever by Nidhogg.

Probe into mother and baby homes

“The Irish government has acknowledged mounting calls to investigate a mass grave where almost 800 “illegitimate” babies and children are believed to have been buried.

The remains are near the site of a former home for unmarried mothers and their children in Tuam, County Galway.

The children were buried together, without a coffin or gravestone, and dumped in a former concrete septic tank.

…The St Mary’s home in Tuam was run by Catholic nuns and housed women dealing with the “shame” of having a baby out of wedlock.”

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The VIKINGS are back! Meet King Björn, ruler of Sweden’s modern day beserkers

King Björn

(Swedish King Björn)

They were a race of ferocious warriors, famous for their terrifying seaborne attacks and incredible shipbuilding abilities.

But if you thought the age of the Vikings was past, Björn Jakobsen, 66, king of a band of modern-day warriors from Malmö in Sweden, is living proof that for some, they never really went away.

Part of a community living and working in the Viking town Foteviken on the southern Swedish coast, Björn says the life of a Viking is a fascinating one and adds he has no plans to return to modern life.

King Björn1

(Viking life: King Björn (centre) and the other Vikings live and work in the village 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

But while Björn ensures life in the Viking village is as authentic as possible, there’s one part of Viking life that he’s not allowed to recreate.

‘Really, it depends what you mean by raids,’ he muses. ‘We have friends in [other Viking communities] in Europe and we visit each other and each other’s markets.

‘We swap Viking tools. We travel all over the place because there are Vikings all over Europe.’

While raids on the British coast might be out of the question, there are still some other forms of entertainment available to Bjorn and his band of modern-day Vikings.

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Man Crushed to Death by Giant Crucifix Dedicated to Pope


The man, named as Marco Gusmini, was posing for a photograph with a group of friends in front of the 100ft-high cross when it suddenly collapsed Photo: NEWSFOTO

An Italian man was crushed to death on Thursday by a giant crucifix dedicated to the late Pope John Paul II, just days before the Polish pontiff will be made a saint in a ceremony at the Vatican.

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(I find this amusing really)